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Elevator Music
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King David said that the Lord lifted him out of a horrible pit. The vehicle that the Lord used was His new song.Elevator Music is the song of the Lord lifting His people out of the pit of this life into a place of pleasure found only in God's presence. Come with us as we enjoy Him together, as He lifts us up with His joy to that place where we are satisfied and God is glorified. - Pastor Frank Bailey Track Info: 1. Joy (Shining Light) 6:31/ 2. My Glorious 6:34/ 3. King Of Glory 6:19/ 4. King...

Heavenward Live Worship From Victory Fellowship
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Heavenward is Victory Fellowship Worship Band’s fifth album. For over 34 years, Victory Fellowship has been a deep well overflowing with spirit-filled worship and fostering many worship artists such as Ty Tyler, Jason Morant, and Paul Meany of MuteMath. In New Orleans, where music is the very substance of the city’s culture, the worship at Victory Fellowship is also central to the church’s identity, shaping the heart of the congregation and impacting the city with a new song year after year....

Into The Deep
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Track list: 1. He Brought Us Out 2. Look What the Lord Has Done/ When I Think Of His Goodness 3. I Can't Stop Praising His Name 4. Ancient of Days 5. More 6. Flow Over Me 7. Yahweh 8. Only In My Father's House 9. OK 10. Into The Deep 11. Happy Day

On & On
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When you find Him, everything else seems of little importance. The times of worship have been filled with the overwhelming sense of the tangible presence of God. As you listen to this recording, we pray that you are overtaken by His love. One taste of heaven and you will sell it all for the pearl of great price. "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: who, when he found one pearl of great price, went and sold all he had, and bought it." Matt. 13:45,46 ...